Friday, March 09, 2007

Falling ill needs struggle

Those who know swimming are aware how easy and effortless it is to float on the water. You need not do anything at all. Just relax the body and lo! you are floating on the water surface. When you stiffen your body and struggle, it is a prelude to drowning. 

Staying healthy is akin to floating. We have to just relax mentally, whatever the situation outside and the body takes care of its health. When there's a cut, immediately the blood is rushed to the area to bring the white blood cells and other cells to heal the wound. If we fill our mind with negative thoughts at this time. the blood flow will be sluggish, the immune system will not work satisfactorily and the wound may not heal.

To become a diabetic or develop a high blood pressure, it requires years of negative thoughts. Yes, we really struggle so much for so many years to develop the chronic diseases. Which means, if we struggle as much or a little less, these diseases can vanish too!!

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Ashwita said...

Wow that is simply a great thought!!