Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Learn the basics

It is a heartening trend seen these days that many youngsters are turning to spirituality. But many of them don't seem to know the basic requirements to advance in the spiritual field. For example, the moment they get interested in spirituality, they want a live guru.

This is like asking to be taught quantum theory of physics without learning the alphabets. Discipline in life is the very basic requirement for spiritual progress. Then one should have control over the tongue, both in relation to the taste and in talking. When too much food is consumed too frequently, the body is always busy digesting and assimilating the food. The blood circulation is always more around the digestive system.Talking too much and unnecessarily drains a lot of mental energy and keeps the mind in a wound up stage.

In a person eating only enough food to sustain life, there will be ample blood circulation to his brain, he can have a clear thinking and he can think of linking his heart to the brain and experience the higher truths of life. Then he has to seek company of spiritually oriented people, read spiritual books and when he is ready, a live guru will manifest.

Gurus are always seeking disciples. But they can't impart the highest truths of life to those who are not ready or capable of receiving it.

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